Summer Shower, Kiss Me Kate, Sweet Illusion, First Light, Magical Merlin, Fun-and-Games, Fond Farewell, All that Jazz, Fantasy, Frivolous, Breathless, Just Jazz, Spa, Morning Song, Prelude, French Riviera, Free Spirit, Ship’s Ahoy, King Triton, First Frost, Serenity, Salute, Ship’s Harbor, Baby’s Breath, Smooth Morning, Maiden Voyage, Astral, Airy, Cosmic Dust, Merry-Go-Round, Stunning Sapphire, Cosmopolitan, Adventure, Jamaican Dream, Acapulco Cliffs, Caribbean Splash, Kiwi Splash, Alpine Valley, Caribbean Holiday, Thar She Blows, Simply Elegant, Kaleidoscope, Rendezvous, Dragonfly, Teeny Bikini, Angel Eyes, Stratosphere, Animation, Star Spangled, Breakwater, Souvenir, Hide-and-Seek, Granite Falls, Brigade, Cosmic Rays, Honesty, Baritone, Mountain Stream, Scandinavian Sky, Dawn’s Early Light, Castile, Skyward, Ice Castles, Abracadabra, Pines and Needles, Calvary, Drawbridge, Denim, Elegant Evening, Cityscape, Forevermore, Regatta Bay, Serene Stream, Crescendo, Filigree, All American, Lunar Eclipse, Thin Ice, Secret Passage, Alaskan Mist, Oasis, Whirlpool, Painted Parrot, Still Tidewater, San Juan Spritz, Mermaid’s Tail, Maggie’s Magic, Savannah Mist, Crystal Gem, Ivy League, Laurel Wreath, Dewmist Delight,  Leap Frog, Spearmint Stick, Sweet Nothing, Deep Veridian, Carlisle, Treasure Isle, Pitter Patter, Cool Jazz, Leaping Lizard, Elf Shoe, Cool as a Cucumber, Lettuce Alone, Hearty Hosta, Delicate Mist, Shady Knoll, Tenderness, Painted Turtle, Country Club, Kiwi Kissed, Dwarf Spruce, Footpath, Night Watch, Babbling Brook, Distant Thunder, Faint Flicker, Submarine, Delicate Petal, Glimmer, Mother of Pearl, Pumpkin Pleasure, Two to Tango, Flower Pot, Fairy Dust, Pat-A-Cake, Broomstick, Alyssa, Hush Puppy, Tea Party, Glowing Firelight, Freckles, Cowboy Hat, Magical Mirage, Baby Bear, Big Cypress, Fiesta, Mexican Moonlight, Moroccan Moonlight, Puppy Paws, Cloak and Dagger, Canyon Trail, Spider Web, Chasing Chocolate, Tiny Teddy, Bunny’s Nose, Sweet Sixteen, Scrumptious, Heart’s Desire, Lauren’s Lullaby, Brittany’s Bow, Mom’s Lipstick, Milk and Cookies, After the Dance, Tender Kiss, Innocence, Deep Desire, Love Bird, Lunar Eclipse, Mermaid Harbor, Indecision, Incognito, Lauren’s Lace, Rooti Tooti, Tic Tac Toe, Tiptoes, Deja Vu, Anticipation, Charisma, Determination, Magical Moonlight, Magic Spell, Baby Steps, Memory Lane, Bad Lands, High Society, Jumping Jack, Break of Day, Alley Cat, Adolescence, Gone Bananas, Del Sol, Dalen’s Duckling, Japanese Koi, Sweet Annie, Pony Tail, Tabu, Afternoon Tea, Eiffel Tower, Berry Much, Grand Hotel, Peruvian Pom Pom, First Kiss, Bus Top Tour, Uptown Girl, Soho, Farmer’s Market, VIP, Art District, Cocktail Dress, Summer in the City, Dahlia, Pirate’s Treasure, Phoenix at Noon, Elevator Button, Shop ‘til You Drop, Austin Music, Hail a Cab, Chickadee, Touch of Class, Aroma, Key to the City, Sand in My Heels, La Fonda Grassy Knoll, 3-Olive Martini, Dog Park, Mino’s Eye, Day at the Jewelers, Catwalk, Wishing Well, Clubhouse, Off Broadway, Magic Wand, Quilted Heart, La La Love, Overalls, Rocker Girl, Enchanted Evening, Someday, Jazzy, So Long Shadow, Grapolicious, Star Gazer, Dazzle, Magician’s Cloak, Viola, Va-Va Voom, Johnny Cake, Modern History, Newsstand, Rotunda, Bagel To Go, Let’s Do Lunch, Magic Lamp, Pillow Talk, Gelato in the Park, Window Shopping, Fashion Week, Cactus Shadow, Trade Secret, Good Luck Charm, Surrender, Hello Dolly, Fancy Pancy, Ticklish, Gleeful Joy, Success, Shy Time, Toll Booth, Wall Street, Dove’s Cry, The Battery, Heminway, Poetry in the Park, Subway Tile, Sigh, Paparazzi, Hush Hush, Museum, Crushed Out, Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist, Man Cave, Pier 14, Hugs & Kisses, Dragons Blood, Flamingo’s Dream, Magic Potion, New Age, Seduction, Dream I Can Fly, Grandma’s Sweater, Frozen in Time, Tutti Frutti, Poetic Princess, My Fair Lady, Indian Dance, Sun Baked Earth, Lovable, Sun Baked Earth, Bird of Paradise, Gentle Doe, Friendship, Calm Air, Cheerful Hue, Sensible Hue, Charismatic, Leisure, Lucky Bamboo, Intoxication, Organic Field, June Vision, Sanctuary, Bubble, Zen, Mermaid Net, Dragonfly, Salty Tear, Bon Voyage, Viking, Little Dipper, Americana, Lost Atlantis, Lazy Sunday, Mozart, Soulful Music, Metro Enduring, Semi-Precious, Anonymous, Innocence, New Hunter, Chit Chat, Yeah Baby, Fashion Statement, First Waltz, Gathering Place , Sweet Nothing, Pebble Path, Spirit Whisper, Nostalgic
pedestal, a collection of paint and their non-descriptive names
dimension variable