Play in Your Sandpile
Wood dowel, 78 cassette tapes (complete list available upon request)
174 x 96 x 1 inch

Bible on Cassette
2 x 2 x 10 ft

All Work and No Play
Introspective,  juried by Cecilia Wichmann, Sandy Spring Museum, Sandy Spring, MD

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (VHS, 1994)
Phenomenon (VHS, 1997)
Shakespeare in Love (VHS, 1999)
Goldeneye (VHS, 1996)
Aladdin (VHS, 1993)
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - The Greek Interpreter (VHS, 1989)
Solaris (VHS, 2003)
Austin Powers in Goldmember (VHS, 2002)
Toy Story (VHS, 1996)
Star Wars Trilogy (VHS, 1995, 3-Tape Set)
Stuart Little (VHS, 2000)
Proof of Life (VHS, 2001)
Meet the Fockers (VHS, 2005)
The Jackal (VHS, 1998)
MASH (VHS, 1996)
The Deer Hunter (VHS, 1997)
National Geographic Video - The Photographers (VHS, 1998)
Batman (VHS, 1997)
Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story (VHS, 2000)
Orange County (VHS, 2002)
One Fujifilm 6 Hour t-120 EP Mode VHS Blank Tape


The Alternative Alternative Sniff Test
Scented wax melts, plastic bottles, string, polyester batting
dimension variable

Gone Haywire
haywire, staples
dimension variable

Come On Out and Play
cassette tapes, steel rods, oak dowels, wire cloth and zip ties
dimension variable